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About our campaign:

Love INC Mobilizing Churches to Give a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out!

We stand for serving our community in the name of Christ. We work to give those in need a hand up, not a hand out!

Community is at the heart of Love INC Southwest. We’ve mobilized churches and individuals, across denominational lines, to provide basic necessities for those in need as well as life-skills training and transitional housing programs. We stand for serving our community in the name of Christ.

In order to continue to serve our community we need your help. We have created a program that helps us to continue to build the community we serve in the name of Christ – while also helping you save!

Give and you shall receive!

By giving through an InfinityShare™ page, you'll receive a unique
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Prosper Labs is a unique web- based education tool providing Financial Literacy training within forty (40) interactive courses, covering nine (9) major financial themes.

Brought to you by Prosper America, a 501(c)3 charity focused on providing financial education solutions.

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We are excited to use the InfinityShare™ platform, because we're able to provide you something of value in return for your support, making this truly a Win-Win scenario!

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Here’s Another Win-Win Scenario!

By clicking on this BEST OF GROUPON button (that is coded directly to our organization) when you save money on a deal on GROUPON using our InfinityShare™ page, a portion of the redeemed GROUPON comes back to support our efforts!

So, the more we help you save, the more you help us raise!

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