Flying For Hope

Giving Hope to Families in Crisis, Changing Lives One Flight at a Time

What if you could not get to a loved one's funeral?

With bereavement fares no longer being offered and the cost of short-notice airfare becoming outrageous, Flying for Hope is stepping up to fill this gap! Flying For Hope, a 501(c)3 organization, quickly provides families the financial assistance to get to their loved ones before they pass or if a crisis situation arises beyond their control.

The Flying for Hope team has witnessed first-hand the pain and difficulty families face in getting all of its members home in emergency moments. Whether it's a late night phone call about a loved one who died serving our country or a family member that unexpectedly passed, your contribution could be the light that shines in the dark, and helps everyone get where they need to be!

Your contribution could help be the answer to someone's prayers! For a $50 contribution a month, (just $1.65 a day) you could sponsor someone's entire flight! Now when someone needs to get back for a loved one, you've not only given them hope, but you've ensured their ability to be there when it mattered most.

Give and you shall receive!

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